Training for Founders

Training for Founders

Courses for Company Founders

Founding a company is on of the most difficult things you can attempt to do.

There is no prerequisite to becoming a founder. You have an idea, and you just start.

This can be the most exhilarating experiences in the world. It can also be the most frightening.

Getting guidance once you have started is also equally difficult. As entrepreneurship has increased in popularity, so have a wide variety of courses, so-called “experts” who prey upon those getting started.

Our training for company founders is based on bare-knuckle best practices in starting, running and expanding companies.

These courses are not for the get-rich-quick crowd. These are time tested principles about how to run a company smart, and nurture it to grow strong.


Bootstrap Basics  – $1500/Person

How to Grow Your Company – $2400/Person

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