ITIL® Training

ITIL® Training


What are the ITIL® courses available?

We currently offer two types of ITIL® courses:

ITIL® Crash Course

ITIL® crash-course for teams.

There are no prerequisites.

  • ITIL® Crash Course
  • This crash-course is perfectly suited to teams who need an awareness-level understanding of the ITIL® service lifecycle.

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ITIL® Crash Course
On-Site: Choose Your Own Date
$4000/ Session (up to 12 Students)

ITIL® Foundation Certification Prep

Entry-level ITIL® certification for individuals or teams.

There are no prerequisites.


  • ITIL® Foundation
  • This is an entry-level certification for IT managers that offers attendees a general awareness of the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL® service lifecycle.
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ITIL® Foundation
On-Site Choose Your Own Date
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What is ITIL®?

ITIL® is a public framework that guides IT providers on how to align their services with business needs. It consists of five core books:

Service Strategy

Transform IT services from an organizational capability into a strategic asset of the business that is focused on value.

Service Design

Determine the functional requirements for an IT service including its architectures, processes, policies, performance and documentation.

Service Transition

Develop and test IT services before they deployed into production.

Service Operation

Deliver and manage services at agreed levels.

Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

Identify and implement improvements to IT services that support the business.


Where did ITIL® come from?

How many times have you heard this? “Let’s not reinvent the wheel.” That question was the basis for the creation of ITIL®.

When Margaret Thatcher was prime minster of the United Kingdom, she instructed government IT departments to document best practices. The reason for this was simple. The British government did not think it was getting value for money from its technology.

Consequently, the effort was not a theoretical exercise but a practical one. The basic commandment from the Iron Lady could be paraphrased as, “Document, do not invent.” That lead to the first release of ITIL® in 1989.


Who is ITIL® for?

ITIL® is for any IT provider, regardless of size, technology or the industry they support. Whether managing IT in the public or private sector, manufacturing or financial industry, ITIL® is relevant everywhere.

It is for IT directors, management teams as well as individuals. It is also relevant to outsourced suppliers.